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We simplify your investment decisions by offering carefully screened baskets of
right Mutual Funds that serve your every investment need!

11,000+ schemes from 40+ Fund houses filtered into five ideal baskets of top funds

Returns made on Rs. 1 Lakh invested 1 year back

  • Savings Basket


    Basket Return: 7,900
    Saving A/C Return: 4,000

    Highly liquid short term funds. Higher returns than savings account.

  • Safe Basket


    Basket Return: 10,000
    Bank FD Return: 7,500

    Safest debt funds. Better than FDs. Indexation benefit after 3 years.

  • Steady Basket


    Basket Return: 7,900
    Bank FD Return: 7,500

    Best compared to FDs. No tax after 1 year. Steady growth.

  • Swift Basket


    Basket Return: 15,300
    Sensex Return: 9,600

    Best equity fund mix. Great returns. Less risk.

  • Tax Saver Basket


    Basket Return: 12,400
    Sensex Return: 9,600

    Best ELSS schemes. Tax benefits under sec 80C.

Why us?

Invest your wealth into a scientifically screened selection of best Mutual Funds, optimised and packaged together in our winning portfolios, backed by advanced data analytics techniques that are trusted by professional money managers globally.

We help you invest in
Zero-Commission - Direct Plans
of Mutual Funds

All our investment baskets are made up of only Direct plans of mutual funds, thereby ensuring higher returns year-after- year for you! Why should I invest in Direct Mutual Fund plans?

Our Direct Plan focus also eliminates any commission-driven bias in our baskets. How are Basket Returns unbiased?


While others focus on returns,
we focus on controlling risks first.

We understand how important it is for you to protect your hard earned wealth, and at the same time ensure that it grows. Therefore, we’ve made sure we focus on controlling risks while designing all our investment baskets for you. Our baskets do not offer the best returns. They offer the best risk-adjusted- returns!

How do you minimize the risk for me?

Focus on
Risk Mitigation

While others look backwards,
we look forward !

Our deep-rooted analysis of funds focuses more on forward looking parameters to determine which ones are most likely to outperform the rest. Our baskets offer an optimum mix of such carefully screened funds, thereby ensuring your money has the best chance of growth, at all times.

Ask any advisor, distributor or a bank whom you trust, to what extent they do the same!

How do you determine the best forward looking Mutual Funds for me?


We get paid
only if you earn more !

Our goals are completely aligned with yours. We have set benchmarks for all our baskets. You only pay us if your investment in any of these baskets grows more than its respective benchmark. That’s how confident we are of our offerings!

How do you charge me?


And we offer a
lot more....

  • Hassle-free onboarding process

    Get started in less than 5 minutes with paperless account opening.

  • Personalised mix of baskets to best suit your needs

    Get tailored solutions that best fit your risk appetite as well as your investment goals.

  • Exit Load and Tax optimized solutions

    Minimize your tax outgo’s and exit loads through our smartly designed rebalancing engines that optimize churns in your investments.

  • All investment tracking at one place

    Track all your Mutual Fund investments across fund houses. Compare results against benchmarks over time at once.

  • Continuous monitoring of investments against market risks

    Get system driven insights and suggestions on maintaining an optimal mix in-line with your risk profile